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WHY US: We have exclusively specialized, solely, in Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires for the past 28 years. Our rechearch teams are always serching for most valuable antiques, precious gems and antique gems from all over the world. We have offices in Los Angeles, New York, Arizona, Delaware, Johannesburg, Dubai, London, Congo, Singapore, Tanzania,  Colombo and Mandalay. We know our product better than our competitors. We receive full solutions from our selected Mines, twice a year, to maintain our prices. We do business for quick turnover, and have a fixed percentage that we make on each sale, nothing more, and nothing less. You will enjoy working with us. We will also honor any specific requests, such as assorting a certain way, sieve sizing, or making pairs. For any demand that you may have for Ruby and Sapphire, you can be sure to count on us. We strive to develop a long-term business relationship with our clients.


OUR GOAL: To offer fair prices and service, with complete disclosure and integrity to you. Dr. Cole, Dr. Samual, Dr. Kenneth, Dr. Blake, Dr. Ming Theigh, Dr. Omar,  Dr. Raynold, Dr. Shaikh Sultan and Jassem have been in the colored precious gemstone business since 1991. They traveled extensively throughout the world in search of quality antiques and precious gems materials coming from several different countries.

Then, they have been involved in the gemstone and antique business in Congo, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cambodia, Mangolia, UAE, Tanzania, Srilanka, Myanmar, Belgium, Brazil, United States and United Kingdom discovering new gem and antique deposits with their team. Living in the bash of Congo and South Africa, several months a year among the countrymen, is a unique experience, they say.

Dr. Samual, Dr. Kenneth, Dr. Derek, Dr. Shaikh Omar and Dr. Ming Theigh are recognized as professionals in the gemstone and antique field, and specialized in colored gemstones.

All of our stones are 100{34594eaa9ea817397879fa3f0c4fb698bd5eca07eaea23b8cab10d19f76f47f8} natural! And all our antiques are rarely reachable and pretty old/antique.

We are gemstone and antique dealers based in LA, USA, London, UK, Dubai, UAE.  And Johannesburg, South Africa, with buying offices in New York, Congo, Brussels, Mandalay, London, Dubai, Sao Paolo, Colombo and District of Columbia offering precious gemstones. Including gems in rough and cut at reasonable price. We have seven companies and can cater for your specific Gemstones needs and requirements.

We collect directly from Mine. We also sell CLEAN FACET ROUGH IN RUBY, SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, DIAMOND etc. We deal direct with Mine and have very good relationship with other and most government Miners around the world.

We deal mostly in wholesale Facet Rough but also offer Faceted Stones and Clean Rough on Retail.

OUR CUT: A gemstone’s beauty is directly related to the quality of its cut. The function of the cut is to display the gem’s inherent beauty to the greatest extent possible. Since this involves aesthetic preferences upon which there is little agreement, such as shape and faceting styles, this is the most subjective of all aspects of quality analysis.

With that being said, all of our stones are carefully crafted with a unique style of cutting. We thrive for consistency, and our product’s cut is nothing short of excellence. Our manufacturers follow our established guidelines on how to cut a stone, and every stone must meet its expectation, we are very particular on this matter.


OUR TREATMENT: In the jewelry industry, it is assumed that rubies have been heat treated unless otherwise specified. Most jewelry-quality rubies are heat-treated to enhance the gemstone’s color and vibrancy.

Global Gems Group only deals in Rubies and Sapphires that are treated with heat or stones that are not treated at all. We DO NOT carry stones with the treatments such as lead filling, surface diffusion (surface coloring treatment), oiling, dyeing, waxing, lab created synthetics, or imitations.

Rubies and Sapphires are heated to improve their clarity and color. At temperatures above 1700 degrees Celsius, the silk dissolves and improves the color and clarity of the stone. This treatment can turn colorless corundum into a blue ruby. At lower temperatures, silk can be improved and the color lightened.

Some of our rubies have undergone no treatment of any kind. These rare gemstones that consist of less than 10{34594eaa9ea817397879fa3f0c4fb698bd5eca07eaea23b8cab10d19f76f47f8} of the market.

OUR PRICE: We will offer you the best price for the quality you are receiving, guaranteed. We are able to keep our costs down because we reserve rights to gemstone productions from certain mines on a bi-weekly basis. We collect full series of merchandise, which means all of the calibrated sizes from below 1mm-10mmx8mm+ in calibrated sizes and 2ct+ in mixed sized stones, this keeps our costs much lower than our competitors. We guarantee that our prices are always competitive for the quality that we provide.


OUR INVENTORY: Our inventory contains all calibrated sizes to fine single stones, in all qualities. If there is anything that you require in Ruby and Sapphire, chances are, we have it. We keep every price range from low to medium to high, for all of shapes and sizes. We are sure to find you a stone that works at a price you are happy paying.

OUR REPUTATION: We have been in New York City since 1991, and doing business outside of NYC for over seventeen years. We are known for our honesty. In the gemstone trade, trust is everything, we have always done business with trust. We are not in it for the quick buck, we always look at the bigger picture. In our trade everyone who deals with us knows the way we do business; if we quote you a price, the same price will go on the invoice. We don’t quote our customers high prices and have them bargain their way down, that is no way to do business.

OUR PASSION: Rubies and Sapphires are our passion. We also keep collections of other precious stones as per our honorable customers’ requirements including Emeralds, Pearls and Diamonds. We take pride in every stone we sell. We have been dealing with these two stones for 3 generations, with many more to come. We are in this business because we love what we do.

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